About Rabine Compacted Concrete

Leading the Way Since 1981

Rabine has been a leader in concrete for over 40 years. Beginning as a small driveway paving company, we have grown to become one of the largest commercial roller compacted concrete (RCC), concrete, and asphalt paving companies able to complete projects in all 50 states. 

Our team of engineers and pavement specific experts will work with you to identify your property needs and will develop a scope of work that best fits your budget. We take pride in our ability to cater to the needs of each individual customer depending on their property, parking lot users, traffic, etc.

Our Vision

To Be the World Class Partner Leading Innovation, Education, Performance and Goodwill.

Our Core Values


Safety is our number one core value

Rabine Compacted Concrete values the safety of our clients, customers of our clients, our team members, and the public. We implement top safety standards on all of our job sites.  

A shared company EMR of 0.74 puts Rabine at the top of the industry when it comes to safety and mod-rates. Our in-house safety workshops and comprehensive training is available for all of our employees.  

Our safety culture is of the utmost importance and we are always striving to improve.

How do we ensure safety for our team, clients and the public at our sites?

Awards and Recognition

Rabine is recognized as an innovator in the roller compacted concrete industry. We are proud of the awards and recognition we have received that set us apart from our competitors. While associations help us build a reputation, the awards set us apart from our competitors.

Best and Brightest award
2022 Top Pavement Contractor award


The Rabine Compacted Concrete team are strong believers in networking, education, and teamwork. That is the reason why we are heavily involved with industry associations at a local and national level. Below are some organizations that we enjoy being a part of.
Property Management Association
NFMT 2023
National Asphalt Pavement Association
Texas Asphalt Pavement Association

Give Us a Shout

Your parking lot is the first thing your customers see. If you are looking for a company that specializes in full property management services, look no further. We have an outstanding safety record with decades of experience. From our excellent history in client support and construction, to our innovative technologies, Rabine is the one-stop full-service solution you’ve been looking for.

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